Concrete Mix Designs

If your looking to reduce your material costs in concrete production, we can help you determine the right materials to choose to make those reductions. We offer a full concrete redesign service that will look to use your existing plant and local suppliers materials to find a mix design that will reduce your costs without affecting your concrete quality.

Did you know?
BS EN 206 allows the replacement of OPC and the Coarse Aggregate fraction ​with recycled materials for ready mix producers.

RSL Plant Design
Not only can we redesign your mix ratio to include recycled materials but we can also design plant to cope with the specific mix designs. We are specialists in the conveying and mixing of sticky/wet/slurry materials using innovative and cost saving designs.

How Resons can help:

We will quote the mix redesign work based on target cost savings or properties. So if we dont reach the initial target, we will not charge you for the work, but we are confident you will be getting out your cheque book.

Thinking of a concrete production project?
Let Resons find you cost saving quotes from internationally acclaimed manufacturers using our experience. We charge nothing to find the quotes, so why not contact us today and let us do the hard work for you!

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