Waste Remediation & Recovery

RSL has been directly involved in a with a wide range of remediation and recovery projects. Through the use of the latest technologies we have been able to successfully offer closed loop recycling systems. RSL will look at your product or bi-product and find a business solution to suit you, whether it be Remediation, Recycling or Transformation into a saleable product.

What is Remediation?

Waste remediation is the process in which contaminants are removed or rendered neutral to prevent any harm to the environment. The process is usually a necessity to make disposal of the waste logistically and financially viable where recycling is not a possibility. At RSL we understand the problems companies face to make sure their waste falls between the accepted criteria for disposal at their local landfill site.

Our Solutions

These products were successfully stabilised to reduce their contamination levels to a fraction of what there were before. This allowed many of the products to be taken into Stable Non-Reactive Landfills or even to Inert Landfills. With the number of Hazardous Landfill sites set to drop, remediation could save haulage costs as well.

We can offer a full development process to find a way of encapsulating, cleaning or separating your product. So whether it’s seasonal variations in the product, unforeseeable mineral deposits or unexpected contamination sources, RSL can help you find a solution.

Wastes RSL have successfully Remediated:
  • Road Sweepings/Gulley Arisings
  • C & D Waste
  • MRF Fines
  • Oil Contaminated Aggregates/drilling mud
  • Filter Cake/Silt

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