Waste to Product

RSL has been directly involved with a wide range of remediation and recovery projects. Through the use of the latest technologies we have been able to successfully offer closed loop recycling systems. RSL will look at your product or bi-product and find a business solution to suit you, whether it be Remediation, Recycling or Transformation into a saleable product.

What is Waste To Product?

If remediation or recycling proposals are not as profitable as desired then we can look at a special process RSL have been developing to turn common place wastes into engineering products. The process, which can be described as a mixture of encapsulation and stabilisation, will allow the waste to be methodically transformed into a number of engineering products, depending on your preference. 

We have successfully encapsulated and turned a number of problem wastes into EA accepted materials for clients in the past. Our process has been able to neutralise excessive contamination levels of hazardous elements, turning unacceptable wastes into high quality civil engineering products.

RSL has the experience to handle every stage of turning your waste into a product:

  • Ascertaining chemical/physical properties through sampling and testing using UKAS approved labs
  • Determining potential products through initial trials
  • Researching potential products in local markets
  • Designing and sourcing plant required for the project, independently
  • Creating Capital paper for costing of potential project
  • Designing and undertaking full trials and product testing
  • Applications for EA end of waste status
  • Developing Quality Systems such as WRAP Protocol or BSI EN Factory Production Control
  • Ordering, Installing and Commissioning of Plant
  • Plant & Process Optimisation
  • Product Optimisation
  • Maintenance Packages

Example Wastes: 

  • Road Sweepings/Gulley Arisings
  • Crushed Concrete
  • MRF Fines
  • Crusher Fines
  • Oil/Hydrocarbons contaminated/drilling muds.

    Many more have the capability to be transformed!!​

Thinking of a concrete production project?

Let Resons find you cost saving quotes from internationally acclaimed manufacturers using our experience. We charge nothing to find the quotes, so why not contact us today and let us do the hard work for you!

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