Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water is a major problem for many industrial sectors and in recycled aggregate washing is a main part of the process, though it need not be. RSL can provide a combination of mechanical, biological and chemical processes to remove particles and suspend solids, organic contamination and minerals from Waste Water. With our unique techniques and innovative process machinery we can make this a part of your process that can run itself.

RSL can provide solutions for:
  • Aggregate Wash Water Recycling
  • Concrete Wash Water Recycling
  • Removing Contamination Before Disposal
  • Removing Suspended Particles
  • Suspending Particles in Water for Pumping
  • Recycling to be Reused in the Process
  • Oil/Water Separation
  • Capacities from 20m3 to 1,000m3 per hour
Some of the technologies we source:
  • Filters and Strainers
  • Catch Pits & Pumps
  • Reverse/Up Flow Washers
  • Settling Tanks
  • Flocculation Tanks
  • Density Separation
  • Evaporation & Cyclones

RSL can deliver a range of solutions for your waste water requirements and with a number of low cost technology replacements up our sleeve we can tailor them to suit any budget.

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